Rabu, 08 Juni 2011

Definition of Acceess Point Antenna

Many people are asking questions, why is the access point there have antenna. But also there is the question asked, there is also access of pointy that do not have the antenna. The answer is simple because in concept access point that does not has a antenna though also has an antenna but antenna placed in the box sometimes access point instead of outside. The Access point that does not have the antenna is usually aimed at the beauty room, as rooms attractions and hotels.
The usefulness of the antenna is deliberately created by the vendor are as media receiver and data transmissions. Basically a network administartor must understand how the workings of an access point, starting from the preparation of the transmission of radio signals that are used to get process identification device access point with the client device such as a laptop, PDA, and so on. One of the properties of radio waves is Ricochet when the radio wave on hard objects that are around him, it is the same as with the flashlight in navigate to purmakaan glass, must be bounced.
Wireless adapter in the device the recipient client will radiate the radio wave in all directions generally, except should be replaced with specific sectoral antennas such as antenna, grid and so on. Radio waves will spread where mana, and consequently will occur, for example, there is Ricochet Ricochet waves directly to the access point, there is exposed lights, glass, wall walls before reaching the access point. Due to the bounce this is the Access point will get the same signal from different directions and in a different time. This event was called with Multipath.
Basically an antenna access point are half duplex, meaning that it can only send and receive at one time, and cannot send and receive at the same time. With the antenna, the quality of the acceptance and delivery will be better. Basically the access point is to have one, two, three and more antenna, the number of antenna is usually depends on how sensitive the device access point to use. With the existence of antenea in access point wireless network quality will increase dramatically as a whole.

Selasa, 07 Juni 2011

New Conceptf of Zynga IPO coming soon

Zynga is preparing for an IPO and a login can next week, to come to those who on the plans of the company know. The creator of the franchise-make presented to the public city online game, in a rapid melting of the tech IPO market.

Zynga has this in the works for many months," says Nizan Hargil, Director of research at the capital city of GreenCrest. Two other sources have confirmed that the submission of the IPO coming soon. The first review of public finances of the company provides for four years. Hargil of believes that Zynga 14.5 billion. The company had great success with FarmVille, FishVille, mafia wars and several other games on Facebook.

Zynga would apart from the other splashy tech startups that began this year. LinkedIn, which went public last month, revealed that he won 15 million in 2010. Before LinkedIn every year since its founding in the Red 2003-with the exception of a small profit in the year 2006 was.

The flow of red ink of GroupOn is even deeper. GroupOn for his introduction on the stock market on Thursday reported that 413 million dollars in the year 2010 lost and lost nearly 114 million in the first quarter of 2011. Investors seemed to these figures, with pent-up demand for tech IPOs. The website with a value of 9 billion dollars in its debut, leaving more than doubled shares of LinkedIn (LNKD). Commerce is somewhat since stabilised but actions are still well above the IPO price of $ 45 for LinkedIn.

How Zynga makes money: Zynga could more successfully, as it is "in a completely different category", Hargil said that most of his colleagues. He is of the opinion that the freedom is a whopping $ 17 million in a cash society per month. "This is one of the companies to the rapid growth in history, in all areas," says Hargil. "Zynga is not your default Internet bubble companies." No four years many companies have large margins growth and income. »

Hargil believes that Zynga 80% of the turnover of only 3% of his payment user virtual goods, such as tractors and animals for their businesses online real money receives.
0: 00/2: 34 Zynga channels SimCity

The 20% comes from unique forms of advertising, he said-as Starbucks (JPM, Fortune 500) numbers, coffee in CityVille must be a virtual memory. These users have virtual memory to visit 10 times for the construction of a Starbucks franchise in their own virtual city. "It's very clever methods that require a constant Benuztern," said Hargil. "It is much more powerful than traditional banners." "He is very intelligent."

A spammy past overcome: this "intelligent" business methods are Zynga past, where it was spammy spam and scammy tactics for new players to acquire and monetize existing.

Facebook users are so frustrated with Zynga overload their intelligence reports and dashboards, in particular on Facebook decided to prohibit the practice. "" The current users of Zynga listings found flooded shady third-party partner services try. ""

"Zynga use questionable methods, said Hargil."they are using with great success, to be a profitable company, before it triggered a dollar, unique venture. "." Zynga worked distance itself from this "dirty" about it, and they did, to attract a lot of movement to the company for IPO-including the EUR 500 million in a row earlier in this year of funding.